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AMG 2021 Highlights

As we enter 2022 with anticipation, Aftershock Media Group (AMG) is looking back on 2021’s highlights and also celebrating our achievements over the past year.

AMG Team Growth

The growth of Aftershock Media Group’s (AMG) Team of Employees in 2021 was phenomenal, increasing our staff by 300%.

AMG Talent 

We also welcomed 37 new content creators to our Team of Talent in 2021.

AMG Talent Milestones


2021 Subscriber Milestones

Surfnboy Shorts 100,000 – 500,000 – 1,000,000
Judo Sloth  500,000 – 1,000,000
CLASHwithSHANE 500,000
RyGuyRocky 2,000,000
Zendex 1,000,000
Wynnsanity 500,000 – 1,000,000
Feitz 500,000
Feitz Shorts 100,000
Excoundrel 100,000
KFC 100,000
Lexnos 100,000
SpenLC 100,000
Jacob Gaming 100,000
KITH 100,000


Amazon wanted to create a new video platform. They weren’t sure what they wanted their product to be. Who would be their users? AMG provided creative direction and influencer marketing services to assist Amazon in standing up its new platform. 

By identifying the most popular games with thriving communities in mobile gaming and the creators who represented them with the most authenticity and reach, AMG developed a partner program involving over 20 creators that included tailored influencer content in addition to significant community events and production. Over three months, AMG grew its platform from 100 to over 10,000 daily active users.

Supercell’s latest billion-dollar game, Brawl Stars, has both team and solo gameplay options. But despite the massive popularity of the solo modes, all competitive content to date solely focused on the team modes. This was partially due to the perceived difficulty in creating a compelling competition in what was primarily viewed as the “casual” portion of the game.

AMG’s production team took the initiative to build an event idea around a brand-new ruleset for Solo Showdown and pitched the concept to Supercell. The result was a fun and engaging show featuring 20 content creators locked in a tight competition and having a blast in the process.


Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. The battle royale was the most downloaded game in 2020 with 266 million installs and the #1 mobile game by watch time on YouTube in both 2019 and 2020.

AMG hosted a prominent influencer live streaming event where 50 of the most prominent mobile gaming celebrities came together in a Free Fire event.  The goal of this event was a way to feature Talent to the global Free Fire player base and create a crossover of fans from global regions.



PUBG MOBILE collaborated with Dr. Disrespect on a 2-week campaign aiming to be one of the most significant PUBG MOBILE events of all time. Our goal was to showcase how fun and easy it is for anyone to download PUBG MOBILE and start getting chicken dinners through the activation of Dr. Disrespect.

AMG developed an event website that served as a go-to destination and landing page for the entire event. The website prominently featured all information, and users could enter the sweepstakes and contests, watch streams and find the event schedule. There were tons of giveaways and fun leading up to the Finale day that Dr. Disrespect participated. The Finale Day live event starred Dr. Disrespect. It also featured PUBG MOBILE’s most popular creators on the official PUBGMOBILE Youtube and Facebook Channels, hosted and cast by Powerbang with AMG producing. The event generated over 3.6 million views.


PUBG MOBILE reflected on an incredible year for the community, the competitive esports scene, and the game itself. AMG and PUBG MOBILE celebrated and gave back to the community during the event.

Additionally, the Holiday Special highlighted the North American esports scene and its players by profiling specific esports pros, bringing front-and-center their backstories and personalities. Two weeks of promotion led to the finale Showmatch, where content creators and esports pros teamed up for the most epic PUBG MOBILE match of the year!

AMG produced the Holiday Special to live stream on PUBG MOBILE YouTube & Facebook platforms and designed and launched a creative marketing campaign to activate the existing PUBGM community. We developed a two-week campaign to generate excitement among fans around what they should expect during the show: giveaways, chances to interact with their favorite creators and pros, and much more! AMG also created social media assets, giveaway rules, and pre-recorded content.


PUBG MOBILE launched its v1.4 update in May 2021, featuring a collaboration with the popular film Godzilla vs. Kong.  A new, limited-time game mode would allow players to interact with the legendary monsters during combat.

AMG designed and executed a multi-week social media campaign driving a Godzilla vs. Kong narrative. The monsters themselves drafted teams of popular creators, featuring two prominent influencers as team captains, culminating in PUBG MOBILE’s Titan Wars. The premiere event outperformed expectations, organically generating over 7,000 peak concurrent viewers.


PUBG MOBILE hosted a show match of its Mirror World update that featured some top creators, players, and influencers from the PUBG MOBILE & League of Legends communities. One of PUBG MOBILE’s best updates was highlighted by showing amazing collaborations between creators from PUBG MOBILE and LEAGUE OF LEGENDS and exposing potentially new fans to PUBG MOBILE.

AMG designed and executed a multi-week social media campaign, including social media assets and schedules, event rules, and recorded content leading up to the show match. The AMG production team managed each round of the show match and included creators and community players. The campaign generated over 2 million views.


  • Rocket League Sideswipe
  • PUBG New State
  • Contra
  • Nova Island


Brands that trust us:

  • MGC


EBS brings together all the various sectors of the esports ecosystem. The summit gave valuable opportunities for networking and education. It was a unique opportunity to learn from leading voices growing their businesses in esports. EBS invited both Lance Frisbee and Daniel Heinauer to speak at EBS on Mobile Esports and NFTs.




TEAM AMG, which included nine of our creators, set a goal of raising $10,000 during the Gamers Outreach Spooktacular event. Each of our nine creators did a live stream, where they then encouraged their fans to donate to Gamers Outreach. Some of our creators were also very creative with the incentives they received from GFuel, our top contributor. In addition to the monetary donation GFuell made, they also provided our creators with giveaways during streams. TEAM AMG ended up raising a total of $12,858.22 for this worthy cause, ultimately exceeding all our expectations!


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